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The Caliope School

Dance School in Barcelona for children and adults.

We are located in the elegant neighborhood of Gracia, which stands out for its 19th century boulevards and pedestrian streets.

Body Expression and Contemporary Dance are our classes forchildrenfrom 3 to 10years old.

For adults we offer 4 styles: Contemporary Dance, Afro-Caribbean, Pilates and Dance Fit.

We have two spaces:

  • Multiespai 2estones located at Passatge de Frigola, 27.
  • SwingCats in Torrijos Street, 70.

Do you dare to discover the art that expresses your soul with the movement of your body?

Contemporary Dance

Benefits are countless, being the most complete physical and mental activity that exists. Tones and strengthens all parts of the body naturally, and prevents injuries.


Dare to dance to the sound of the drum where you can let go, smile and enjoy the practice of Caribbean dances.

Children's Body Expression

There are many times when a gesture, a posture or an action says more than words. This class helps motor, cognitive or intellectual development, relational development, affective, emotional, aesthetic and creativity.

Children's Contemporary Dance

Play as learning. We create movements that involve a higher degree of coordination, strength and endurance than in other physical activities.