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Áine, goddess of fertility.

Áine, goddess of fertility.

“Áine is a goddess in Celtic mythology and the Irish fairy queen. As a deity, she travels through space and is the daughter of the god of the sea. She is a goddess of fertility in whose honor was celebrated the feast of midsummer night, which later became the feast of St. John.


Through movement, gestures and the interaction between bodies we give life to a reflection of what flows and grows day by day in the innermost depths of the unconscious and what makes us recognize, legitimize and embrace the changes in order to evolve.

The present moment, that is, existence itself, can flash by action or event. In the course of this epic of Gaia, written in the language of dance, reverence for life clashes with humanity’s generalized desire for possession.

Will the mystique of creative power fade with the possibility of evolution?

The mystique never fades, humanity always finds a way to evolve, survive and transcend… but it will not do so without first knowing what moves it inside. In order to overcome itself, must go inside to connect with it strength and, recognize itself, he will then be able to adapt and evolve.

This work arises from the search and recognition of the essence, of the deep desire, of the internal engine.

What do we do with our eyes out?

The development of potentials and the appropriation of resources that every woman has within her, make this a journey of discovery and reunion with the deepest longings. From within arises the movement that originates life, from within arise the connections that generate life, from the inside comes first.

We felt the connection from the beginning. Attention. It does not stop. Deep, as deep and discreet as a predator in the desert that must hunt its prey without being seen.

A piece inspired by the Celtic Goddess, representative of pure love, sexuality and also seen as the goddess of air. It represents the woman’s virtuousness and also her courage. Based on her mythological story, Aine was a sexually abused woman who, instead of being victimized or silenced by her abuse, decided to defend herself by avenging her mistreatment. This courage led to her death due to power and ego disputes. After her death, she continued to be recognized by her tribe and became a symbol of struggle, resilience and guardian of all women who experienced violence or abuse.

Today we take from this mythology the characteristics of the Celtic Goddess Áine to bring her values to a scenic space; to dance. With the piece Áine we talk about resilience, about accompanying ourselves, about empowerment, about believing in our potential and in some cases about the courage of having been survivors. A choreography inspired by all those women who could be present today but are not. Inspired by those women who are still fighting.


Trailer: Áine